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T_T Sadness of 30 Angsts T_T
Prompts: 8-articles or newspapers, 27-line between love and hate 
16th-Jun-2010 08:46 pm

Fandom:  Supernatural
Title:  Cops' Cover Up
Author:  my_sam_dean
Rating:  PG
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Prompt 8 - articles, newspapers
Disclaimer:  I own nothing Supernatural.
Summary:  Sam and Dean are unable to find a supernatural reason for a case.

"That was a bust," Dean shut the motel door as Sam threw the duffel bag on a bed.  "Nothing."
"So what could it be?" Sam asked.
"We have eliminated anything supernatural," Dean stated.  "The folks are still listed as missing.  It doesn't make any sense."
"Any adult can leave without being considered missing," Sam explained.  "But it seems like several disappearing at one spot."
"Are you thinking cover-up?"
"Could be. Maybe there's a serial killer out there and they don't want anyone to panic."
"So how do we start the serial killer rumor before we go?" Dean smirked.

Sam laughed.

Title:  Cat and Mouse
Author:  my_sam_dean
Rating:  PG
Prompt:  27 - Line between love and hate
Disclaimer:  I own nothing Supernatural.
Summary:  Dean and John have a fight.

"We need to end this!" Dean's voice was angry.

"End what?" his father's voice was steady.

"This stupid cat and mouse," Dean replied.  "Sammy and I try to find you, you pop up for a little bit and then you're off again and we're back to looking."

John's face was unreadable.

"It isn't fair, Dad!  You should see how it tears Sammy up."

"That isn't my intent."

"It doesn't matter!"

"I have to run again, Dean." John's eyes looked sad.  "I have to keep my boys safe."

"Is this ever going to end?"

"When the demon's dead, Son." John promised.

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