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T_T Sadness of 30 Angsts T_T
Reflexology (Riptide, 19b Always) 
27th-Sep-2010 05:36 pm
Title: Reflexology
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Riptide
Genre/Rating: Slash (implied)/PG
Wordcount: 1600
Pairing/Characters: Nick/Cody, Murray
Crossposted: pier56, 20_est_relships, 30_nights, 30_angsts, smallfandomflsh
Notes/Warnings: Also for mundane_bingo Foot falling asleep
Summary: Vietnam's a long time in the past, but Cody needs downtime to keep it there. When the agency's busy, the past creeps closer than anyone's ready for...

The agency was doing well: there was money in the bank account, and in all their pockets, and no-one had beaten them up for over a month.
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