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T_T Sadness of 30 Angsts T_T
Intimate Knowledge, Part 11 - Prompt 12 electric shock 
29th-Sep-2010 08:38 pm
Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Intimate Knowledge, Part 11
Author/Artist: my_sam_dean
Theme(s): 12 - electric shock
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Jo, Sam/ofc
Rating: R (NC-17 for story overall)
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed): I own nothing Supernatural.
Summary (if needed): Warning: personal medical issue, nightmare, sexual activity. Summary: Sam wakes Celeste up and the line between reality and nightmare gets blurred. Dean and Jo are upset with Sam.

Dean and Jo watched Sam and Celeste's relationship progress. They were happy for their friends and enjoyed spending time with them at the Winchester household. Jo and Celeste had grown close and spent time with just the two of them once a week or so.

After a typical evening of a movie and take out, Dean and Jo left to go to the store, leaving Sam and Celeste alone in the house.

From her place under Sam's arm, Celeste snuggled closer and sighed as she closed her eyes.


She hummed a response.

Sam chuckled. "This isn't the best place for sleeping. Let me help you get more comfortable to you can rest."

Lulled into security by her sleepiness, she followed Sam without a second thought. He pressed a button-down shirt of his into Celeste's hands and urged her toward the bathroom.

When Celeste reappeared wearing his shirt that hung to her knees, Sam's protective streak came out. "This way." He took her folded clothes from her and placed them on his dresser. He'd already turned down the bed and she quickly burrowed under the covers and drifted off to dreamland.


In his dreams, Sam's hands wandered over Celeste's form, memorizing her shape. He awoke when she turned over in her sleep and muttered.

He watched her sleep. When he was tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she turned into touch and the desires that he'd kept hidden came out to play.

"Celeste," he whispered close to her ear. "Are you awake?"

"Hmm." She rolled to her side to face him and put her hand on his chest.

"Celeste," he sing-songed as he stroked her long hair and fought the urge to rub his hardened member against her. "Sweetie?"

Celeste squirmed closer to him. He took a deep breath and captured her lips with his. It started as a touch and deepened as Celeste responded.

Sam had difficulty unbuttoning what was actually his shirt. The angle was different when it was worn by someone else. It was also a more urgent issue when he wanted to get to the skin that the garment covered.

"Umm," Celeste drifted toward consciousness and realized that she wasn't imagining how good Sam's hands felt.

After releasing all the buttons, Sam broke the kiss so they could breathe. He opened the shirt and was in awe at the sight of Celeste clad in a pair of white cotton panties. She shivered as the air made contact with her bare skin so he covered her with the blankets once again.

He tossed his t-shirt and relished the sensation of his chest pressed against her side when he laid back down. The light that drifted in the blinds created a relaxed atmosphere. When he kissed her for the second time, his fingers drifted up from her waist.

Still partially asleep, Celeste arched into Sam's touch and made a happy sleepy sound when he cupped her breast in his palm. Her painted nails scratched his upper arms as she gripped him.

When they were both gasping for air, Sam used his lips to make a trail from her mouth to her nipple that was stiff and begging for his attention. He tentatively licked the bud and was encouraged when Celeste tangled her hand in his hair, pressing him to her breast.

Closing his eyes, he gently closed his mouth so it could form around the little peak. While he sucked on it softly, his hand rested upon her hip. She shifted around and Sam pressed himself firmer against her, poking her side without even realizing it. His thumb absentmindedly rubbed the area inside her waistband as he increased his oral pressure.

A startled gasp escaped her lips, but she made no move to stop Sam or pull away. He eased the elastic over the swell of her hips and stopped pulling when her panties were askew but down just far enough. He moved around until he could fit his fingers between her legs. He was gentle as he sought out the place he'd wanted to touch her since they'd first met.

Awareness came fast when Celeste felt the foreign object against her womanhood. She opened her eyes and reminded herself of how good it had felt and that it was just Sam. She wasn't reliving her nightmares, she was with Sam in his bed surrounded by warm covers.

Her anxiousness went unnoticed while he found himself toying with her opening and slipping inside.

Although it had been a slow intrusion, she felt a stab of pain slash through her body. Her instincts took over and she pushed at Sam's shoulders. Her movement caused another jolt of pain, as did each other time she moved in her struggle.

Once he was pushed, Sam realized that Celeste was not relaxed or enjoying herself. In his haste to sit up, he laid a hand on her shirttail, unknowingly pinning her in place.

"Celeste?" he was shocked at the wild look in her eyes and tried to get her attention.

She didn't hear him. She tried to roll off the side of the bed but the buttoned cuffs pulled her hands behind her back. She kicked the covers off and the feeling of being restrained by her partially removed underwear amped up her stage of panic.

Sam reached for her, wrapping his arms around her while letting the trapped material go. "Celeste," he kept his voice calm but louder than before.

After retreating into her memories, she didn't register Sam's voice and it was someone else's arms holding her in place.

The cry of an injured animal pierced the air. Startled, Sam didn't release his grasp until he heard another yell pass her lips.

Celeste stumbled as she tugged her clothes up and wrapped the shirt around her, not bothering to button it up. Sam tried to stop her fleeing, not knowing what was happening.

Blindly, she ran into him. She pounded her fist against various areas of his upper body until he moved out of her way. Painful cries followed her as she dashed down the hall to the front door. She whipped open the front door and ran out into the cool night air without even feeling it. Her only objective was to get away.

Dean turned on the living room light. Celeste's screams had awoken him and Jo. Sam stood in the center of the room in his boxers with his skin reddening from where he'd been struck.

"Celeste!" Jo pushed her way from behind Dean and grabbed her car keys.

"Sam?" Dean could barely control his anger at how thoughtless Sam had been and the sounds Celeste had made.

"She just--she just ran--" Sam was dumbfounded.

"What did you do!"

Sam took a step back as Dean approached him. "Nothing, I swear!"

"How could you?" Jo demanded. "After all she's been though, couldn't you have thought with your upstairs brain?"


"She had been doing so much better. I'm going to find her and take her home." Jo slammed the door in her wake, leaving the two brothers, one irate and the other baffled, on their own.

"Doing so much better? Why is Jo mad?"

"Why? You can't figure it out? Why Celeste and Jo are friends?"

"Because they met over here often," Sam took in Dean's fuming appearance. "Why are you so pissed?"

"They knew each other before you brought her around."

Brain whirring and not quite grasping what Dean was hinting at. "From the office. They met at the office. Was she a patient of yours?" It was the only reason Sam could think of for Dean's anger.

"Sam, yeah. Celeste was a patient." Dean started to deflate.

"So she was a patient of yours."

"What difference does it make? Why does it look like she had to beat you off of her?"

"I didn't do anything! I didn't know anything! What else am I missing?"

Dean rubbed the bridge of his nose. "She's friends with Jo, Sam. When is the last time you saw Jo be that comfortable with anyone?"

"Celeste and Jo . . . Wait! She was that kind of patient?"

The control Dean had gained was lost. "What do you mean, 'that kind of patient'?"

"One that," Sam made a vague gesture toward his waist. "You saw her naked!"


"You saw my girlfriend naked. You don't see a problem with that?"

"No, I don't." Dean looked at Sam defiantly. "Therapy is therapy. I got into it to help people, you know that."

"Getting to see her undressed before me, did you get some kick out of that?"

"Your girlfriend just ran out of here in a shirt and you're mad that I examined her months ago? Check your priorities, Sam. At our age, you're not going to meet someone who has been unseen. Did you tell her about every encounter that you've had?"

"It never came up. I definitely would have brought our past histories up if you would have just told me she'd been hurt!"

"How was I supposed to do that? And, when? Take away the whole unethical aspect of saying anything and I still would never spill someone's secret like that!"

"All I did was touch her, Dean! How can that lead to this?"

"For someone so smart, you sure can be stupid. Do you remember finding Jo at all? Has something that we've been living with every day slipped your mind?"

That one word caught Sam's attention. "We? You and Jo? But I thought--"

"Sex isn't everything, Sam. It's about time you figured that out and grew up." Dean grabbed his jacket from the closet.

"Where are you going?"

"To look for my friend," Dean made sure to emphasis the word 'friend'. "She's scared and hurt and all by herself. Seems like you should have thought about her being out there in the cold, half-dressed, being her boyfriend and all."

The door slammed and Sam was left to wonder what the hell had exactly happened and how it could be fixed.

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